In a short period of time, such a popular device as a smartphone, from an expensive toy turned into a pocket computer. Thanks to the invention of operating systems for mobile devices, the modern phone has gained unique functions. With the help of an extensive range of applications, a smartphone can perform a variety of tasks – it will be a great assistant both for everyday use and for a trip. In the latter case, your phone can replace several things necessary for the voyage at once, for example, a map and a guide.

Also, by using a smartphone, you can reserve a car anywhere in the world. Even if you need it in Australia, you only should follow Hertz car rental Sydney Airport to find the right vehicle.

When traveling by car, you can no longer do with applications for creating a route or booking hotels. You need to know where the nearest gas station is and much more. But which services have the best functionality? We have selected some extremely useful road trip apps…


The main accessory of any trip to unfamiliar terrain is always the map. Some people use traditional paper maps, but most have already switched to navigators, Google solutions and similar ones.

However, regular maps on a smartphone have a disadvantage – they only work if you have Internet access. Unfortunately, it can’t be found everywhere, which means offline applications are needed.

The best app for offline navigation is Maps.Me. You just need to download maps of the desired region in advance, and then the map will work without the Internet, although in this case the functionality of the application will slightly decrease. In addition, Maps.Me is free of charge and features stable operation with almost no failures.


Mandic Magic

What a nice idea to stop at a café along the way and enjoy web-surfing while your order is being prepared! But constantly asking for an Internet access password is exhausting. No worries! It’s easy to solve this problem with the help of Mandic MagiC. The application allows both on-site and advance to find out the wireless network passwords in public places along the route, keeping them in memory. Naturally, hacking a private access point will not work, but travelers don’t need it at all.



This is a very handy application to search for nearby infrastructure facilities. The program interface is simple: you choose the point of interest – gas stations, car parks, pharmacies, bars, hospitals, etc., and the application displays the nearest points on the map.

Especially useful for tourists is the ‘Nearby’ tab, which searches articles in the Wikipedia about sights situated close to the user.

The application is ideal for constantly-traveling drivers who are in an unfamiliar city or area.



It sometimes happens that you want to have a dinner as quickly as possible. The app will help you instantly find the best nearest restaurant. Especially tempting is the fact that you can choose an establishment where they cook the dish that you want to taste at the moment.

Foodspotting allows reading reviews and see photos of dishes, as well as learn about promotions, prices, discounts and cooking quality. In addition, the app provides data on the distance to the restaurant and indicates its exact address.



TripAdvisor is a truly indispensable website and application, which is a search engine of hotels and various places, combined with a catalog of reviews and tips. This will help in any situation to find the best option, taking advantage of the collective user experience.

For each city TripAdvisor displays a list of recommended places to visit. Thanks to the application, you can quickly find out where the best hospital, hairdresser or spa is in the city, based on user ratings.

The application works via the Internet, however offline version is available. Also, you can search for tickets through the application.



This application is designed specifically for those car travelers who are more comfortable with spending time on the road at night. The usual navigator in the dark blinds and distracts attention, and Hudway is made so that you can see your route on the windshield of the car.

In order to do this, add brightness to the phone, put it on the dashboard, and the picture will be reflected in the windshield. The voice assistant application will warn not only about road junctions, but also about dangerous bends or turns.



This application was established quite recently, and it’s very different from other parking services. Unlike competitors, ParkApp not only finds the nearest free parking, but also allows you to know in advance which user is going to free up a parking space.

This was made possible thanks to the smart algorithm, which learns about the driver’s intention to leave the parking lot and informs other users about this. Also, ParkApp warns of approaching tow trucks, and in any unforeseen situation allows you to call the road assistance service.