There is a certain group of people who really like to play videogames and then there are those who play it 24/7 365 days a year. But it does not matter if you play casually as a hobby or you take it seriously. Everyone who is into gaming really likes to feel proud about their own unique gaming setups.

We realize the fact that pc gaming is a challenge for most people because of the price tag which comes along with it. As we all know its all about performance and frame rates. You can’t really compare when it comes to gaming from setup to setup as different people have invested in multiple aspects to create their own experience.

You’ll really like this guide if you are looking for a guideline about how to setup a gaming setup

For this guide I would like to skip the obvious being a good pc and hardware and would like to focus on the other aspects which complete a setup and are just as necessary as the hardware.

  1. A Comfortable Gaming Chair

Most people use a normal chair to sit in for hours on end for their gaming sessions. No matter how comfortable you think your regular chair is, believe us that you’re not doing yourself any favours by sitting in it for endless hours. Prolonged neglect to posture and slouching can cause backache and muscle strain.

And all of this can result in a horrible experience so that is why we recommend investing in a good racing gaming chair. They are ergonomic and eliminate fatigue risks.

The lumbar support and headrests are noticeably higher compared to normal chairs which allows for support to all the body parts which are under threat from fatigue and posture neglect during gaming. The racing gaming chairs have more adjustability to comfort when compared to normal chairs.


  1. An Appropriate Gaming Controller or Mouse

A gaming controller or a gaming mouse have a significant effect on your overall experience. Some people may prefer a mouse over a controller and likewise as well.

Many gaming controllers which are compatible with consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One are also compatible with PCs. You can use the Xbox One controller on a Windows 10 PC wirelessly whereas you would need to connect a USB cable to a ps4 controller and attach it to your PC.

Now it is upon your preference what you choose to enhance your gaming experience.


  1. The Correct Gaming Desk

A gaming desk is something which must be the host to all the activity going on upon it and must bear the load of the system, hardware. The gaming desk should also be able to bear you slamming around your hands when raging in the crucial seconds of a game.

People usually do not realize the fact that gaming desks can also help with a good body posture and countering fatigue. Most of these desks are adjustable and come with a lot of options to optimize your experience.

Now to select one you need to make sure that firstly it is comfortable in that you do not imprint the pressure on your wrists. Moreover you need to make sure that the desk is not frail for reasons I mentioned above. As well as be hefty enough to bear the load of the system itself.

Now it is upon your preference again whether you want to invest in a standing or sitting desk, or one which is to brag about or to keep it simple.


  1. A Projector for Gaming

When you are in the market selecting a projector make sure to find the one with the right lumen count for your setup. You would want one with correct image resolution and a low response time.

If you play in a well-lit room or with a lot of ambient light, you may want one with 3000 lm.  But if you like playing in a dark room or late at night mostly then you can also use ones with 1500 lm as well.

The projector can also be used to double up on your home theatre projector if you have one.

  1. A Good Gaming Keyboard

Wireless keyboards are more popular these days compared to regular old wired ones. But they are not made for gaming as they are not that durable. They offer you the handiness and the tactile feel and offers several useful macro keys and media buttons. Make sure you don’t buy a gaming keyboard which has lag in response times.


All these components come together help make a proper gaming setup which ensures an optimized performance whilst simultaneously ridding you of all the risks and nuisances which may rise to ruin your experience.