Smartwatches have formed into incredible devices for our wrists. Regardless of their smaller size, the present smartwatches combine time and date display with different wellness uses, extra apps and notifications. So it’s no big surprise that many people believe you can’t get a decent smartwatch without spending too much on it.  That is not so much obvious, however. The reasonable end of the market with regards to smartwatches is constrained, there’s no denying that however, there are likewise strong budget-friendly alternatives out there which you won’t regret buying.

We’ve assembled this guide on the best affordable smartwatches in the market right now – simply the great reasonable purchases. All the products below deliver the best performance and features concerning their price tag.

  1. AmazfitBip

Huami is a spinoff of Xiomi. It has been developing budget smart watches a lot lately. The latest watch is the AmazfitBip which is an excellent device for its price. It is compact, yet it comes with a great battery life of 45 days! The best features of this watch are accurate GPS, heart rate performance and step counter. The small build makes it very comfortable to wear and feels light on the wrist.

  1. Nokia Steel

Nokia Steel has reliable fitness tracking and premium build quality. It is the best hybrid watch in the market and given its price of $80 it is an excellent budget smartwatch. Pair your Nokia Steel Smartwatch with your smartphone to gain access to fitness metrics. This watch is available in many different colours and comes with well-organised features. It is also available on Amazon.

  1. Polar M200

Polar M200 is a running watch which is compatible with both Android and iOS. It’s a very compact smart watch with a short battery life of only six days. However, it can also be connected to Bluetooth and has enough storage for fitness data. It is one of the most affordable smart watches out there and includes all the essential fitness features one needs in a smart watch. The GPS in Polar M200 is a little bit slower as compared to the others within the same price range. It comes with basic build quality with no premium finishes, but it is a very competent running watch. One downside is that this watch does not offer notifications or other cool features and apps, but if your primary concern is fitness, then this is one for you.

Choose one of the above mentioned smart watches to improve and organise your fitness journey with paying hundred and thousands of dollars.