If performed properly, SEO should help to improve your SERP rankings. You can drive more sales by increasing targeted traffic. You need an effective SEO strategy that can help to achieve success. SEO is much more complicated than just choosing some keywords and attracting backlinks. Google is still the undisputed leader in the search engine industry, so you need to make sure that your website is well optimized for it. We know that we need to have great content, good navigation, SEO-friendly URL and quality backlinks. However, SEO professionals may neglect a few other crucial tasks.

  1. Understanding your brands: SEO professionals may only ask clients about primary keywords and focus on them. However, they may not really understand about the client’s brand. You need to have a SEO strategy that aligns with the brand and it’s more than just focusing on keywords. When understanding brand, it’s important to know about the consumer, customers and goals. SEO professionals also need to understand about latest trends in the industry, so they know why new keywords need to be included. It may seem daunting to learn about a new industry, but you can serve clients better by doing this.
  2. Preliminary SEO audit: It’s important to perform preliminary SEO audit to make know about the latest progress of the SEO campaign. If your client has performed SEO campaign in the past, you should know its current condition. In this case, you don’t need to start from scratch and you can continue to improve past achievements. As an example, the website may already have good design, easy navigation and appealing content. However, it still has weak link profile. So, you can focus on doing link building activity, so the website can move higher in the search result.
  3. Optimization for RankBrain algorithm: SEO professionals may not be aware about RankBrain, which is considered as the third most significant ranking signal. It’s an AI-powered algorithm and essentially a learning machine. It filters through millions of search results more accurately. Google can deliver more relevant search results based on search queries. RankBrain is also capable of devaluing content due to keyword stuffing. So, it is important to make sure that your website follows all the basic SEO requirements. If your website fulfils everything, RankBrain will see your website as an appropriate platform.
  4. Use schema mark-ups: Schema mark-ups are one of the latest ways to optimize a website for SERPS. It’s a code that allows search engines to deliver more accurate and informative results to the audience. When used properly, Schema mark-ups should make your website displayed on the webpage more prominently. Data markup can be used for local business, articles, books reviews, restaurants and many others. You can use Structured Data Markup Helper to take advantage of schema markup. You may choose the data type that you need to markup. Then, you can paste the webpage URL and begin tagging. You may add markup items to highlight essential information. Once your finish doing markup, you may create HTML documents.