SEO professionals should seek to get better ranking and knock the leading website into the second or third position for a specific keyword. Google Image has become the second biggest source of traffic for many websites. Millions of people are using Google Images each day and this represents a great opportunity for traffic growth. Also, people are using reverse image search, when they already have an image and want to know about its originating website. So, if you have plenty of original and unique images, there’s a good chance that you will get decent traffic from reverse image search. There’s no doubt that guest blogging is an important factor in SEO development. It’s great to develop awareness for your brand. This is useful whether you have a personal or business brand. If you are known for your knowledge, expertise and experience in the industry, it’s quite likely that people will invite you to talk about matters in the industry. The gold standard of guest blogging is brand building and it’s even more important than link building.

Your guest blogging should be consisted of keywords that are semantically-related. After reading a dozen of posts, people will start to see the familiar face. It’s the face of a previously unknown guest blogger who cover essential topics with excellent knowledge. Eventually, you will make appearance in social channels due to sharing activities by readers. If there are many blogs that cover the same niche, you need to be more strategic in your effort, so you won’t waste time. Thankfully, you can use Google reverse image search to easily perform searches on different blogs. You can do this by looking for websites that your competitors are guest posting on. You should be able to find their headshots in LinkedIn and it’s quite likely they will use these for guest blogging. Using reverse image search is easy, you may right click the headshot in Chrome and choose “Search Google for Image”.

This is a good time to do some little friendly competition. You may contact the owner and administrators of these blogs and offer to do guest blogging for them. You can be better accepted if you have best content in your website that reflects your brand really well. Through guest blogging, you can drive decent traffic back to your website. If you manage to match the quality of the content of your competitors, it’s possible that you will get good reputation. Make sure that you don’t reveal all the critical information in the guest blogging content. This will ensure that people would be eager to check your website. Your website should become one of the primary resources in the industry and guest blogging is one way to achieve that. Through Google Reverse Image Search, you should be able to find the best locations to do guest blogging and achieve better success. You shouldn’t hesitate to do this, because the potential for gaining success can be quite high. Try to make everything possible, so you will achieve more results.