There’s often a debate whether we should choose SEO or PPC. We often think that both are different, but in reality, they can work together to achieve the common goal. Here are things you should do:

  • Share SEO and PPC data: Despite all the differences, there are also some similarities of SEO and PPC. As an example, SEO and PPC teams need to know what keywords that the audience is using. Clearly, using the right keyword is essential in any digital marketing campaign. Both teams need to share results of their keyword researches to achieve maximum performance. Often, the PPC team knows what keywords that have the best conversions. It’s a good idea to learn about various organic engagement metrics, like duration of each user session and bounce rates.
  • Improve inbound links: It’s obvious that if your website appears more often in the search result, there’s a good chance that users will click it. But you should know the actual chance of it from happening. Today, we can use various tools like Google Ads, Search Console and Google Analytics. These tools can help you to understand the impact of SEO strategy. PPC teams often have methods and tricks that can help to improve the click-through rate. A non-optimized link could have only 3 percent click-through rate, but it can be increased to nearly 25 percent with some improvements. These methods can be used for external links that are under your control. As an example, when you are guest blogging, you may ask the website owner whether you can use special types of link. Improvements in positioning, colors and font can make your link more prominent. If there’s plenty of direct traffic to your website through these links, they can be considered as valuable. It means that these links will contribute better to the ranking of your website.
  • Traffic is coming from different sources and user behaviors seem to determine whether a person will decide to click on your link or not. PPC team often has good knowledge about the behaviors of the audience. They know what will make people interested to click on your links. SEO team can choose the most effective page title and description text. If these text-based details are very engaging, people will click on them. Website admistrators and SEO professionals should know that their websites still compete with others, even if their websites are already at the top position. In fact, people may click on the second or third links in the search results, because they have very interesting title and description. It’s a good idea to ask the PPC team to audit the visual appearance of your link on search engine results. Although you can’t change the color and font of the links in SERP, you can still decide what words and sentence that you should use. You may need to readjust how you show your links in search engines and external links. Higher click-through rate also means that you will get better traffic.