It’s true that Google is still dominating the search engine industry, but Bing continues to introduce significant innovations. Bing itself, represents a small part of Microsoft’s total revenue, but the search platform is growing more than 15 percent each year. It means that more and more people are using Bing and it appears that things are getting better for the search engine. So, Bing will become a more viable platform and strong presence in Bing will become good for brands. Healthy competition is always good for everyone. Search engines can continue to improve and regular Internet users can get more useful features.

Bing continues to enrich its basic search feature, by providing more information than regular top-level search results. As an example, if you search for “latest movies” on Google and Bing, they will show what are playing in the theatres. However, Bing does it a bit more by displaying tabs for Amazon and Netflix.  It means that Bing gives you an awareness to discover movies in a different way. Some of the differences can be quite subtle, but Bing is allowing users to have deep discovery. They have rolled out a search entity API that allows for contextual search result that’s richer and more meaningful.

The new Bing Entity Search API can bring richer contextual details about places, people, local business and other things in the area. These may cover regular websites, blogs, social media pages, images, videos or any application. This will give user a more engaging experience. The API may allow developers to enhance their apps by using rich data obtained from the Knowledge Graph. For SEO professionals and website owners who are placing emphasis on richer data, it is something appealing. SEO professionals could focus on Bing Places for Business to gain more alternative than the ordinary search result.

If Google My Business has giving your decent traffic, you should know that Bing Places for Business is increasingly promising as a good source of traffic as well. You need to optimize your website for Bing to promote your brand through proper SEO methods. Another thing that you should know, Bing is commonly known for its visual appeal.  Developers behind Bing are aware that we are living in a highly visual age. Millions of videos and images are uploaded each day. Bing embraces this trend by providing search aesthetics that are visually more appealing. So, if you want to rank well with Bing and get more traffic, it’s a good idea to focus on visual content. As an example, the Bing app allows you to take a photo and upload it immediately.

Bing visual search can be compared to Google Lens. However, visual search capability of Google is more limited and users of iOS don’t have access to it. On the other hand, Android and iOS supports visual search through Bing. Based on this fact, you need to become visually savvy with how you create and share your content. People are increasingly using Bing, because visuals are more findable with this search engine. For users, visual searches can provide more information than simple text.