Your blog content can be repurposed into SlideShare, so it will attract good traffic from image results. You can do this if your old content has semantically-related keywords that can appeal to your customers. It’s a good way to drive traffic consistently to your website. Latest changes to the Google Images allow people to visit your website, when they encounter websites that they like. One big change is the removal of the View Image button, so you can encourage people better to visit your website. It’s good news for SEO professionals who want to gain more traffic from Google Images. It’s obvious that many people are using Google Images to find visual content that they like. So, this platform should pack tons of traffic for your website. It’s also increasingly easy for you to optimize your images for related keywords and it’s more than just optimizing the image’s metadata.

When doing this, you need to target the same primary keywords that are being targeted by your latest blog content. You can also use keywords that are recommended by various keyword tools to determine the latest trends in the industry and market. This will ensure that your slideshares will be ranked better on the search results. Many people are looking for getting visual information, that is easier to digest than text-based resources. Ignoring the benefits of images could limit the potentials of your website. It’s easy to turn your blog posts into a visual content, by converting them into SlideShare presentations. In this case, presentations are visually dominant, while packing tons of contextual references and metadata. You can rank images quickly on Google Images by semantically targeting them using the right keywords. For an added benefit, you can embed SlideShare presentations back into the blog.

If you think that plenty of your old content is still relevant today, you shouldn’t reproduce them into the slide format, so you can get extra views and shares. This should help to boost user experience. We have seen how SlideShare content can generate hundreds of thousands of views in a month. In this case, you need to optimize images and outline essential topics and keywords. With SlideShare presentations, you may rank well for dozens of mini topics in the industry. One good thing with Google Image is that users can view dozens of images quickly and easily. So, if your Slideshare presentation is visually attractive, people may visit your website to get more information. Copyblogger implements this strategy quite well. They repurpose old content into multiple slides that can be ranked for various semantic terms in the industry.

The first step is by checking your old content and choosing posts that may rank well in Google Search Images. To increase your chance for success, research Google Images to find out whether images for specific topics are quite rare. If you find only a few relevant images for a specific mini topic, then there’s a good chance that you will rank well and gain good traffic.