Is it true that Instagram is only for youngsters, photogenic people, and millennials? Well, it is a dogma from some folks. But if you consider it, it will be a great tool to promote your business. Experts said that “One Picture worth ten thousand words.”. It is more or less true when it comes to Instagram. But we are not talking about Instagram picture posts. We want to invite you to see the different side of Instagram through its streaming service. Instagram Live can be a standard option for your business recognition. Here are the reasons.


 More traffic

Live streaming on Instagram grabs more attention. That means there will be more traffic to your blog or website. Some small businesses even focus their online marketing campaign on Instagram, and they’ve attained such beautiful results. Why can’t your business? To help to get more views and responses, consider announcing your live streaming first. You don’t have to do it alone. Your professional social marketing agency can help you with that.

Wipe your competitors

When you provide great content on Instagram, you will attain new and recurring visitors attention. The more you engage with them through Instagram Live, the more chances they will forget your competitors.

The numerous users you can reach.

For these past five years, there has been an increasing number of Instagram users daily. And it seems never stop as long as people got a decent internet connection and compatible devices with them. That means you can get more reach with the help of Instagram live.

More profile coverage

Posting images on a routine basis does not guarantee that you can get more reach in Instagram. You will need to play with the hashtags and trending. But gaining visibility through the Instagram live stream is more comfortable and more straightforward. You can go live and notify your followers and public that you are on the air. Instagram Live gives you more views. The live stream is highlighted, pushed through the notifications so that everybody will quickly find you on Instagram.

More human connection

Human connection is the importance of the business. Instagram Live is one of the best real-time marketing tools that you can find online. When you put your face or spokesperson or your company representatives on Instagram Live, more audiences will watch your content. People want to communicate with human, not robot.

With such advantages, there is no wrong reason to resist this option in your online marketing.