Today, drones are most commonly used for aerial photography. However, there are other areas, in which drones are involved and this list is constantly expanding. You can hear people talking a lot about the use of drones for delivering orders from online stores. 

However, we are going to describe several new areas, where drones are used, and judging by their diversity, drones can already replace many well-known professions. Moreover, students at one of the American universities are taught a separate course on drone control. As a result, of training, they will be able to use unmanned aerial vehicles to collect information. Read more about the areas of activity, where these unmanned aerial vehicles can be used.

Why are there so many types of drones?

Quadcopters have different purposes depending on the size and programs, which are installed. Hence the various options for their use. The largest and most serious models are used in the military – they are equipped with fixed wings and require short runways. There are units that are used for geographical surveying of the area, combating poaching and for meteorological purposes. They are also used for filming a picturesque area that attracts tourists. For example, many of those, who choose independent travel and use under 21 car rental in Orlando, often watch advertising videos, made by drones. Smaller drones use vertical take-off and landing technology. Moreover, the smallest models could be launched even from the palm of your hand.

Drone Application


  • Firefighters and drones


Drones allow ensuring timely detection of smoke and forest fires. They allow conducting a survey of the fire area, outlining the area of ​​smoke, analyzing the state of the air, the presence of harmful substances in it and their concentration in order to determine the affected area. As well as direct extinguishing of fires from a fire hose raised by a drone to the required height. 


  • First aid drone


Today there are many hard-to-reach places, where people, who might need help, live. In addition, belligerent actions continue in some countries, such as Syria. Therefore, it is important to get medicines and other emergency supplies there on time. Since it happens that a car and even a helicopter cannot reach these regions, specialists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed special drones. The devices more resemble mini-helicopters than regular quadcopters. These drones can be controlled remotely. Moreover, transporting drugs using drones is much cheaper than using a helicopter or car. 


  • Drone archeologist


As it turned out, drones can perfectly fulfill the role of archeologists, saving time, human strength, and, in some cases, even funds to support the work of an entire archaeological expedition. Therefore, in 2014, a GoPro drone discovered an entire ancient settlement in Mexico. A thermal imager was attached to the device, which was able to identify cold areas underground. These areas guided to an ancient settlement. After such a successful incident, drones began to be actively used in archaeological expeditions. Now, using the services of car rental in Mexico, you can see new archeological spots thanks to drones. 


  • Drone waiter


Drones can replace not only couriers, but also waiters. One of the catering establishments in Singapore uses drones to serve customers. They control drones using a special computer program with built-in infrared sensors. In addition, each drone is equipped with multiple cameras as well as special protective grilles. One drone can carry up to two kilograms of food and drinks.


  • Drone as a self driving patrol vehicle


In Australia, law enforcement officers use these aircraft as patrol officers, which maintain order on the beaches. People can rent a car, come to the beach and feel protected on these beaches.

Moreover, in Britain, a drone found a victim in an accident, and thus helped the police. It was the camera with infrared sensors on the drone that showed a person who was injured in an accident and was lying on the side of the road. As a result, it turned out that the man was in a state of hypothermia, which is why he could not call anyone to help him. Thus, the drone saved a person’s life.


  • Construction and drones


Drones can be used at project preparation, work planning and control over the course of their implementation. They are used in monitoring compliance with safety requirements and preparation of video and photo reports for clients, investors, shareholders. The system, using a drone and special software, can autonomously survey the terrain and generate 2D and 3D maps and terrain models.

Drone imagery also allows you to create 3D models of objects under construction using drones, which allows you to compare the real state of affairs with the plans. 


In addition, drones are popular among the paparazzi, who use these devices to get photos and videos of celebrities. You can even carry the drone with you to different countries. Just put it in the luggage of your rental car and launch it in the places that you like best.