The time that it takes to order takeout online is now the same amount of time it takes to purchase products or download apps necessary for good reproductive health. From computer desktops to smartphones to video-chatting and beyond, the screens we use daily are taking reproductive healthcare to the next level and helping patients reach new heights.

Thanks to developments in technology, we can now…

Order Birth Control

Telemedicine is an emerging service that forgoes traditional in-office doctor’s visits by offering medical care through interactive electronic consultations between a patient and physician. Telemedicine services continue to pave the way toward better healthcare, especially with direct-to-consumer solutions for women’s reproductive health. Women who live in contraceptive deserts, have limited transportation, are pressed for time, have high copays or are uninsured, will find telemedicine to be a cost-effective way to get prescriptions and refills for birth control pills online.

Use Reminder Services

Now that women can access birth control with ease, the next challenge that remains is remembering to take the pill and to refill the prescription. Luckily, technology is here to save the day yet again. Among many other useful resources, Bedsider, a free birth control support network, offers an online tool that allows users to designate a time to receive daily reminders to take the pill (or other birth control method), and an option for refill reminders as well.

Track Cycles

Aside from knowing when to add tampons and pads to the grocery list or packing extra feminine products and undergarments for a trip, the benefits of tracking menstrual cycles extend into the body’s overall well-being. By using a tracking app, women will know the beginning and end dates of their previous menstrual cycles, which can serve as a cautioning if a period is late or irregular. Detecting irregularities can also provide snapshots of other issues, such as hormonal mood swings (PMS). For those trying to conceive, tracking helps give some idea of when a woman is most fertile by knowing when she is ovulating.

Find Discreet Solutions

The thought of intimate matters appearing on parents’ insurance and credit card statements, or a nosy neighbor snooping through packages on the doorstep may be anxiety-inducing enough to prevent some from taking proper precautions against sexually transmitted diseases and infections. But fear not – companies are listening and addressing these concerns with solutions like at-home STI testing kits or condom orders with discreet billing and packaging.