Have you ever thought of yourself as a good photographer? How about a good beach location? It is said that beach pictures are the most romantic and impressive. Miami location is popular all over the America. It is never be a problem to look through ACO Rent a Car in Miami reviews and pick a car according to your mood and budget. Also, it would be great to book a room in a beach hotel to spend minimum time to get to the beach. Look around! Here is a beach line, sunlight, curly waves. The truth is: a speedy car and exotic environment are not enough for getting a good photo.



Answer these questions first:

  • What is your location?
  • What is a part of the day?
  • What about the weather?
  • What do you wear?
  • How do you have on your location?
  • Do you have helpers?
  • What poses are you going to practice?




  1. Avoid crowded places

There is nothing better than spending long hours at the beach. It can help you to focus on your dear person, posing, shooting. Nevertheless, it can be rather difficult to walk at the beach alone. Is there a way to avoid crowds? First of all, traveling through the new country, try to ask your touristic agency or locals about the hot hours at the beach. Thus, in Miami, people used to visit beach in the morning. So, you have a chance to catch lonely hours in the early morning or at noon. But keep in mind that shooting in the middle of the day is not a good idea because of shades and heat.

  1. Invite friends

Do you want to have crowds of people on your picture? If not, try to avoid crowded places. Sometimes, inviting a couple of friends to pose for your picture can be a win-win idea. Just try to find interesting people and attractive appearance. Don’t forget that most of the people wear swimming suits at the beach. Some of them want to be naked. Respect their privacy and discuss it beforehand. Anyway, there is always the way out. You can shoot from back, from far away, or just picture silouettes.

  1. Don’t miss golden hours

Golden hours are the best time for taking beach pictures. When? Try to catch golden hours early in the morning after the sunrise or half an hour before the sun goes down. Why do people call them the golden hours? It’s because everything turns gold at this part of the day.

Struthiolaria papulosa.


  1. More details

Beaches always give you beautiful wide angle photos and amazing landscapes. Nevertheless, being focused on landscapes, don’t forget about interesting details you can find at the beach. You can try detail shots! Just be patient and you can get absolutely amazing pictures of the stones, shells, sand castles.

  1. Stabilize tripod

How can you improve your beach photo? Of course, you can wear special clothes, use nature attractions. But first of all, try to stabilize your camera tripod. As a rule sand surface is not stable. It is not always easy to fix your camera. Don’t forget about the wind. Be creative! You may use stones, books and everything that can be helpful.

Self Portrait No.4


  1. Family picture

No doubts, beach is a perfect background for a portrait picture. Also, it is a perfect environment for a family photo. What do you think about it? Your kids will like it! So, you will have an opportunity to take as much funny pictures as you can. You can hug, laugh, and make fun. Everyone will appreciate your efforts.

  1. Flowers

It’s amazing if you could find interesting flowers at the beach. They are really beautiful. Of course, you look great with many palms behind your back. But try to find flowers. Take your chance and use detail shot option. Also, you can shoot flowers from height or on the back of the sea. Add some blur and you can get the most impressive pictures.

Beach Flowers


  1. Don’t be afraid of photographic flash

People are afraid of photographic flash because of red eyes effect. You can freely use photo flash at the beach for portraits or landscape pictures. There are two reasons for that: lack of daylight and many shades. There is nothing to stop you from taking pictures even at night.

Do you know what the best thing in beach photography is? You can use all your creativity. Just take everything you have in your mind and hands, depending on weather, season, part of the day. Try different compositions, posing, photography lights. You are lucky if you could visit beach just before the sunset. Everything, your portrait, landscape pictures turn gold! There is always much to do and to see at the beach! Don’t miss it and stick upon your memory.