Blogging has been a lot easier today because everyone can start it from scratch from free platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. But to leverage your games, you will want to use the blogging gadgets to help you make fantastic content anywhere and anytime you want. You could use the updated devices which you can easily find in the market. Here are the essential gadgets that you need could consider.


A laptop is undoubtedly the staple for any blogger. Surely, you could turn your PC on and start to write. But at some points, you might want to travel while writing. Thanks to the compactness of the laptop, you can manage your blog while on the go.


The smartphone will make your blogging life much more comfortable. The smartphone can be your good buddy to support your blogging agenda. Through a smartphone, you could take pictures, write text, check email, and many other things. It will come in handy when you find yourself in more challenging situations. It is the shortcut to the blog activities like checking the blog comments and reply to them, making draft posts, keep being notified with the current updates, and so on.

Digital camera / pocket camera / action camera

You might prefer to share images or videos with your blog followers. Rather than purchasing expensive photo stocks, why not snap by your own? With your camera, you could take photos and videos for your blog for free. You can even seek the objects which can be an excellent addition for your blog topic.

 External HDD

Your laptop’s hard disk alone might not be sufficient to store the data. You need to have an external hard drive to backup important data. Perhaps you might be opting the cloud services. But you will be glad if there’s HDD so that you can back up the data anytime without using your internet data. You could back the file up as soon as possible. Of course, you could also include cloud services to protect your data.

Wireless Router

When you travel, you can find Wifi in almost any modern places. However, you won’t always get the internet. If you want to stay online, you could invest some bucks for a wireless router to make sure that you have an internet connection anywhere you go. You could also use the tethering feature of your smartphone as well. So, it is also a great idea to bring data card in case you need it.

Blogging requires effort, time and resources. You don’t have to prepare them all at once. Take baby steps. You will nail it!