Hardware is getting smaller day by day.  All of us have our very own must-have portable devices that we cannot leave our house without. We all carry our smartphones everywhere, but it’s not the only gadget you can carry around. Thanks to technology and innovation, there are plenty of new palm-sized gadgets which will add ease to your life. On the off chance that you do not know what they are and where to look for them, check out the best of the new portable gadgets mentioned below.

  1. Monster Go-DJ System

It is for both professional and budding DJs. The Monster Go-Dj is a compact DJ rig which enables you to slide your turntables anywhere, anytime. It comes with a 2GB inward memory, and this convenient device can also draw music from SD cards and streaming devices. One of its best features is the EQ recorder.

  1. Fitbit Versa

This fantastic ensures that you stay on track of your health and fitness goals even when you are on vacation. The Fitbit Versa has on-screen exercises and also plays music for a quick workout session anywhere you are. You can also run a log of the day to day activities and records your sleep pattern. It is a great portable device because it is waterproof and there are more than 15 workout modes which include swimming, running, walking etc.

  1. ZUtA Labs Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

Smartphones and online applications have allowed us to work wherever we are. This micro printer is the best for on the go business meeting and presentations. ZUtA Labs Mini Mobile Robotic Printer allows you to print about 1,000 pages of any size of paper. You can connect it with your laptop, tablet as well as your smartphone.  What makes it a fantastic portable gadget is that it has a researchable battery.

  1. Roku Ultra 4K

This is a small but powerful media player. Anything you wish to stream, you can watch it with the Roku Ultra 4K; Watch your favourite show on TV or stream a movie on Netflix. It has access to around 500,000 movies and shows from popular media streaming websites like Netflix, HBO NOW, Google Play, VUDU and much more.

  1. Portable Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer

Everyone has wished for a small fridge or portable AC at least once in their lifetime, especially if you live somewhere where it gets boiling in the summers. Well, the time has come, we now have a Portable Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer. This mini box acts as a cooler as well as a heater, so it is perfect for both hot and cold beverages.  This device is powered by a plug in the wall or by the cigarette lighter in a car.

Make sure to carry at least one of these portable gadgets the next time you plan a weekend getaway. They will make your stay away from home more functional, comfortable and fun.