Google Trends provide hidden benefits for SEO campaign and it can help to promote your website. Here are ways Google Trends can be used for SEO campaign:

  1. Check the amount of keyword traffic: Google Trends show levels of traffic using visual comparison, although you don’t get an exact amount of the traffic. Traffic comparison is useful if you have a list of related keyword phrases. If you want to have more accurate comparison, you should compare your current primary keyword, with other related keywords. So, if you know the amount of search for your primary keywords, you can better predict the amount of search for other keywords.
  2. Use it for better content marketing: With Google Trends, you can learn more about trends of specific topics or keywords up to five years in the past. You can focus to create content for the trend. If a trend is declining, it is the sign that the interest of the audience is changing. You may need to check trends for a specific topic up to five years in the past. You may see a pattern that a trend is returning at a specific time of the year. It means that you can prepare yourself for a recurring trend, month ahead. By understanding patterns, you can make a decision about directions in the future. If a trend is declining, it may return again in the future.
  3. Plan publishing schedule: With Google Trends, you can create a publishing schedule. As an example, trends for How-to content may go upward during the weekends, when people are doing their DIY projects. With Google Trends, you will know what topics that you should choose for weekends and weekdays. You can also attract more audience by sending out emails to subscribers. So, they will visit your website when the content is published.
  4. Choose keywords by geography: Google Trends could also provide information based on geographic locations. You may know what areas that you can outreach better and your content can be tailored for specific areas. Region-based keyword popularity will enhance PPC performance, content promotion, content creation, link building and eventually your ranking positions. Local SEO is getting more crucial, because it’s considered very challenging to compete with major keywords. You will know what’s relevant for local audience. Webpages are ranked based on the most relevant information shown in the page. So, you need to incorporate geographic nuances into the content. It’s also a good idea to promote your content in podcasts, blogs and social media.
  5. Check rising queries: Google Trends give you an insight into rising keyword phrases and this can be the most important feature among SEO professionals. All you need to do is by typing a single keyword phrase and the section will provide 25 related search queries. This will help you to find out how customers and the rest industry are changing. SEO professionals and website owners can react to any future opportunities. So, Google Trends is a very useful tool that you can do for many different purposes.