Link Building often has questionable reputation. We often have email messages, offering us to purchase thousands of backlinks at relatively low price. Search engines consider it favourable if users link to your webpages, because it’s helpful and not to intentionally boost rankings. Marketers need to be more creative and attract various links in a more genuine way. Here are some of the backlinking methods that you should use:

  1. Evaluate websites and people who are linking to you: Before starting your SEO campaign, you should be aware of your link profile and where your backlinks are coming from. There are tools that can give you a list of backlinks and you may put them in the spreadsheet. This will help you to determine about the performance of your link building campaign. The spreadsheet may contain information like who is linking to you, what anchor texts are they using to link to you, what are their URL and DA/PA, what’s their main topic and primary keywords and the current status of the backlink, whether it’s active or broken. You should regularly update the spreadsheet to determine whether there’s an improvement or decline in your linkbuilding results.
  2. Publish remarkable content: It’s very clear that webpages that are getting the most backlinking benefits are those with the best and most engaging content. Make a list of top ten internal webpages that people are linking to. Based on information that you can get from them, ask yourself whether you can make them and the rest of your webpages better. Find patterns that make these webpages more popular. As an example, if your audience seems to like quick pizza recipes, then you may need to regularly publish such articles. If other webpages in your website don’t have plenty of inbound backlinks, maybe you need to reconsider what kind of content that you need to push out. Instead of worrying too much on effective link building strategy, you should develop a good content marketing tactic. This will make sure that your articles will become share-worthy.
  3. Make Monthly tactics: Other than having a long-term strategy, you also need to have monthly tactics. With monthly tactics, you don’t need to tackle many things at once. Instead of having a huge backlink strategy, you need to break it down into multiple monthly goals, so you can focus on one task at a time. Each month you may need to improve new content, fix broken links, optimize earlier webpages, create interesting infographics, sponsor events, guest blog on other domains, compile an expert roundup, host a webinar, develop a strong resource section, make a podcast and reach out to the press. You should be able to achieve more results by more focused to one task at a time.
  4. Be aware of everything around you: By being aware of your surroundings, this will help your SEO campaign. You can do this by monitoring Google Alerts, so you will know if someone is mentioning your products, services and business name. When this happens, you will be alerted via email.