Many people can’t leave their phone even for seconds. The common challenge that you could ask yourself is what can you live without it? It is right to say that we can’t exclude a smartphone from our life because the fact is that a smartphone can help us in many ways.

A good smartphone can help you to communicate with other people, browsing the internet, capturing images, socializing, meet new friends, and many more. This gadget helps you to connect with other people without having to worry about time and distance boundaries. But often, many users forget to maintain their smartphone so that ending up with the broken ones. Here are simple tips to keep a good smartphone experience.


Backup your important data

Having free internal storage seems to be safe and sound for you. You might want to create the backup later when space is not sufficient. But don’t wait. You won’t know what’ll happen when you use your phone out there. Make sure you back it up with the cloud service or external disks routinely. Some users prefer to backup once a week. Some folks with high loads of videos and photos need to back up more frequently.

Don’t Download from unofficial sites.

Chances are third-party sites offer you exciting apps that you might not find in the Play Store. Well, don’t bother. Downloading from the official app store is much safer and prevalent.

Battery saving

One of the most common problems for smartphone users is to waste their battery life. There’s a chance that you need to use your phone the full day without charging it. Downloading power saving tools can be a great idea. If you are more gadget geek, you might also want to check the free tips that you can find online.

 Setting up your home screen

You could personalize your smartphone by setting the home screen wallpaper, icons, and the colors you want. Choose the coolest wallpaper which will amp your mood up. Delete or remove any unnecessary apps. Make sure to set up the phone screen lock or set the password. It is your smartphone after all. So, other users should at least have your permission to use it.

Optimize your data usage

Many users also often make blunders when it comes to data usage. For instance, they keep using their data while hanging out in the cafe with free wifi facility. Don’t hesitate to use Secured wifi service when you are outside. If you use more than one smartphone, you could save your bills a lot by using tethering facility. You need to subscribe to a data plan in one smartphone and let the other smartphone use your internet service through tethering.