How do you feel in a new city? You probably have much to do, especially if you are hunting for new impressions. How about meeting someone who is able to share your views and give helpful advices? It’s about dating! However, it’s really hard to find that special person who meets your requirements. It’s not a problem to impress your companion with a chic restaurant or a luxury car. Go here and pick the best one on your location daily or hourly. Is there anything to help you with dating? Here are simple apps to help you to meet more people and find the best place to spend your evening. Dating is not scary now, especially in such a big city as New York!

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  1. OkCupid

This application connects people in New York City and in the whole world. Of course, you can go to the bar hoping to meet someone there. But it would be much better if you go to the bar with a new friend. Will it be a romantic date or just a friendly meeting? You decide! Don’t miss your chance to have a date you’ve dreamed about.

  1. Wyldfire

This new powerful application is created special for women. What does it mean? It means that only men can be added to your friend list. So, you feel like a real queen and can invite the man you like the most for a date. You profile is locked for everyone. You can unlock it for close friends only. Do you really need this app? By the way, the application is LGBT friendly. Just define the circle of your contacts and enjoy your dates.

  1. CitySocializer

Do you feel lonely? If you have a profile in Facebook you can you can join the app and meet new friends. How does it work? You can create an event and allow people to join in. They can look your profile and come to meet closer. Don’t worry that all your FB friends are from different countries and you cannot meet them up. The app defines people by locations so that you can go dating easily. That’s so great that you don’t need to create a new account on a new unknown platform. Just use your FB.



  1. JSwipe

This app is for people, belonging to Jewish community or for everyone who want to share their traditions, culture, and life views. You can find many people in the community. Also, you have 2 weeks for communication. Just meet people online, make friendship, ask and introduce yourself. You have enough time to find common interests and learn more about their culture. Then, it’s time to fix an appointment and see if this person matches you or not.

  1. How About We

If you are a creative person you want more than a usual date. Of course, if you are tired from your life troubles or loneliness, you also need a person or even a group of people to relax with and enjoy your time together. And it would be great to organize something special, but not only romantic dinner the typical NY restaurants. So, what is the point of this app? You can see the person’s profile, age, and all characteristics. Also, you can read his/her idea about a date. It can be anything, like “go to the opera” or have dinner in the top-roof restaurant”. Don’t be afraid. One of your creative ideas can be supported.



  1. Match App

This app must be one of the most popular. It is very easy to use. People like speed dates and they are fond of matching games! So, what is the main idea? It looks like a classic dating webpage with many users on it. The app matches couples according to their common interests, key words. Now, it’s up to you. You can see the pretendent’s picture, look through his profile and decide to date or not to date. Of course, it is better to start from chatting. The app is not free. You have to pay for the half of the year in advance. But if you couldn’t find a good friend for that period, you may use this Match app for free.

People may use dating apps for different reasons. Sometimes, you want to come out of stress and loneliness and find new friends. It often happens that you really feel lonely living in such a big city like New York. How is it possible? You are busy with your job and other activities and can’t even imagine where to find that special person. Do you really think that making a pass at that beautiful girl at the bar counter is a good idea? You are a modern person living in a modern world. Use your smartphone or iPad to find a friend who matches you the most!