With Google reverse image feature, you can check your own images and find out whether they are being used online by other websites. It means that you can claim credit and links that you are not getting. Today, it’s an all too common scenario, because it’s considered a typical practice for people to just grab any image online for their new blog post or webpage. The situation can be quite complicated, because a third website may grab the image from the second website and give credit to the second image instead, not knowing that the original owner is the first website.

When credits get mixed, you will get very little benefit from SEO performance, due to much lower backlinks. If you regularly make original images, it’s more likely for people to grab and use them. Original content, including your images, are kind in SEO. The Internet is all about distributing and looking for meaningful and unique information. If you have been creating and publishing original content for a long time, you should know how original information does to your SEO performance. When it comes to generating links, sharing and publicity, original content always wins the day. A simple fix for this is by doing the reverse image search. As an example, you may have unique charts and graphs that are useful for people in your industry. By reverse searching them, you will get a list of websites that are embedding these images.

You may find that very few people credit you properly with image source or backlink to your website. If you have been creating original images, you should avoid getting skimped of valuable links that can push your website higher in the ranking positions. Make a list of websites that are not giving you proper credit. Use Moz’s Link Explorer to check their domain authority. If their domain authority is too low, it may not worth the hassle and time to try to get backlinks from them. If the website is reputable and trustworthy, you should get good responses from the website administrators. Keep on pressuring them to create a backlink for your website and there’s a good chance that you will get a link. In your email, try to be as professional as possible and be respectable. When you show that you are willing to work together with these website owners, they will respond well.

With the intense competition in content marketing and SEO, you shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. Unique images are great place to improve your lead in the search ranking. In fact, for many websites, Google Images have become the second source of traffic, beating even Yahoo and Bing. You should start taking advantage of it and things that it offers. Images can drive valuable and targeted traffic. If your images are highly relevant to your keywords and main topics, people who search for them will match perfectly with your website. Unique images are also great from improving brand awareness.