Loading is essential for the success of your website. It’s not only making the experience of your audience better, but it could also affect the ranking of your website in search results. In reality, people are willing only to wait for a few seconds for your website fully load. If there’s no meaningful information displayed after five seconds, they may decide that it’s not worth the effort. When using WordPress, there are plugins that you can use to make your WordPress website faster.  It is true that the speed of your website depends on the design, structure and content. However, plugins can streamline everything to work much faster.

  • WP Faster Cache: This plugin is useful if you want to get faster rendering. It’s a fast and intuitive plugin with more than 3 million downloads. After you put in a lot of work on SEO and you finally generate tons of view, the performance of your website may suffer. When the processing effort of your server has nearly reached the limit of CPU and RAM utilizations, then users will be affected by slow rendering. When you install and enable WP Fastest Cache, a static HTML is created. So, your server doesn’t need to produce the same HTML file over and over again for each user. Everyone can just access the static HTML file directly. It takes much less effort from the server to send static HTML files to hundreds of users at the same time.
  • W3 Total Cache: This plugin enables a powerful caching feature to speed up your WordPress-powered website. This is a reputable plugin that has been used by big names, like Mashable and AT&T. When this plugin is enabled, your website may enjoy up to ten times the performance enhancements. This plugin can also save a lot of bandwidth. Despite the complexity of the plugin, it’s still easy to use to the uninitiated. The features can make any web administrators become more productive.
  • WP Super Minify: This plugin speeds your website up by compressing CSS files and JavaScript codes. This helps to make your website to load faster. After downloading the plugin, you may upload it to the dictionary and activate it in the plugins management page. It’s a simple and foolproof method. Although this plugin doesn’t significantly boost the page speed, you can expect to make your website faster by up to four percent. It may not seem like much, but any boost of performance will benefit your SEO campaign.
  • WP Smush: WP Smush reduces the size of images in your website, so they will load faster. It’s an award-winning plugin for image compression. When your images become smaller, the page load time will be reduced. WP Smush can compress your images without sacrificing their visual quality. This plugin supports image formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF. Unused and non-visible colors are removed for your images. Metadata is also removed from JPEG image to reduce size slightly. W3 Smush can compress multiple images quickly and easily.